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Error: Could not locate database file locations out of master DB

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2018 10:42AM PST

Applies to...

  • DxEnterprise 15.0
  • DxEnterprise 15.5
  • DxEnterprise 16.0
  • DxEnterprise 17.0 for Windows
  • DxEnterprise 17.5 for Windows
  • DxEnterprise 18.0 for Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server


The following error is logged to the DH2i Event Log when attempting to virtualize an instance of Microsoft SQL Server

Could not locate database file locations out of master DB

Event Details

Log Name:      DH2i
Source:        DxEngine
Date:          <Date_Time>
Event ID:      4359
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Computer:      <Node>
[<Instance>] Could not locate database file locations out of master DB. Please ensure [NT Authority\System] is granted SQL Sysadmin role before virtualizing


Verify that NT Authority\System has Microsoft SQL Server Sysadmin rights. To add a Sysadmin role please see the following article from Microsoft:

From the DxEnterprise Administration Guide - “Add a Virtual SQL Server Instance”

By default DxEnterprise executes under the LocalSystem account context. It may be necessary to add this account to SQL Admin group in order to have a successful virtualization. If it is necessary to run DxEnterprise under a different account, please ensure the account used for DxCMonitor, DxLMonitor, DxHealthMonitor, DxRegMonitor, and DxStorMonitor is part of the local Administrators group and SQL Admin group, and has full access to any SQL data folders.

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