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How to Upgrade from DxConsole (with Melio Volumes) to DxEnterprise

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 03:55PM PDT

Applies to...

  • DxConsole
  • Sanbolic Melio


Steps to upgrade from DxConsole (with Melio volumes) to DxEnterprise.


The upgrade steps are covered in the readme.txt available on the download site (see References). Below is the section that covers upgrading to DxEnterprise with Melio volumes.

  1. Download DxEnterprise software
  2. In DxConsole, freeze the node to disable InstanceMobility (i.e. right click on a cluster node and select “freeze node”) – this instructs the cluster not to failover
  3. Uninstall current DxConsole software
  4. Install and activate DxEnterprise
  5. Unfreeze the node to re-enable InstanceMobility
  6. Repeat step 2-5 for the rest of nodes
  7. Import new disks into the cluster and format/assign paths/drive letters for NTFS volume(s)
  8. Add the Cluster Disks for a given instance to the Diskgroup to be managed by the appropriate VHost
  9. Relocate system databases from MelioFS volume to new NTFS cluster volume (i.e. right-click an instance under the VHost and select “Relocate system databases”)
  10. Detach the user databases from the instance, copy them to the NTFS cluster disk via Explorer, then attach the user databases to the instance
  11. Reclaim the MelioFS volumes for other uses
  12. Repeat step 7-11 for other VHosts
  13. Uninstall Sanbolic MelioFS software
NOTE: DxEnterprise will work with Melio volumes, but they won’t be managed by DxEnterprise. If you need to retain your Melio volumes temporarily after upgrading to DxEnterprise then do not complete step 13. In the mean time, Melio volumes work the same with DxEnterprise as they did with DxConsole. Long term use of Melio volumes with DxEnterprise is not supported.



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