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Add a New SQL Server Component After Virtualization


How to add a new component to SQL Server after it has already been virtualized under DxEnterprise.


To add a SQL Server component to an instance, please follow the below steps:

  1. Make note of the settings of the virtualized instance (port, data and log root paths)

  2. Right-click the instance in the left-hand pane of DxAdmin, and select Remove instance. This stops the instance and devirtualizes it.

  3. Using the Microsoft SQL Setup utility, install the SQL Server component on each node for that instance (for example: Full Text Search).

  4. Once complete, you can re-virtualize the instance again by right-clicking the Vhost and selecting Add an instance.

  5. Using the information from step 1 above, repopulate the port and data/log paths.

  6. Uncheck the New Virtualization checkbox and click OK.