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Rename a Node within a Cluster


How to rename a node that is already a member of a DxEnterprise cluster.


Here are the steps to rename a node. In this example we will be renaming a node from OldName to NewName.

  1. Run DxAdmin management console and connect to a node in the cluster.

  2. Re-host all instances off of node OldName. At this point, no Vhosts should be active on the node.

  3. Remove the OldName node from each Vhost definition (right-click the node under the Vhost and select Remove member).

  4. If you have no backup members for a given Vhost, you will need to delete the Vhost, which devirtualizes the instance, and then recreate it later (make note of the Data and Log paths, port number, etc. before removing).

  5. Delete the node from Advanced Settings > Cluster Membership.

  6. Select Submit at the bottom of the pane to save the changes.

  7. Follow the OS manufacturer's procedure for renaming the server from OldName to NewName.

  8. Follow the OS manufacturer's procedure for renaming a stand-alone instance for each instance on the server: Microsoft - Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server - this is independent from any DH2i configuration, and is Microsoft SQL Server specific. Please make sure you select the procedure for your instance versions.

  9. Once the rename is complete, add the NewName node just as if you were adding a new node to Cluster Membership. Connect DxAdmin on NewName, select Advanced Configuration > Cluster Membership and select Join new cluster. Enter an existing cluster member along with the passkey, check the Accept EULA checkbox and click Ok.

  10. Add the NewName node back to any Vhosts in which it should be a member.

  11. If you need to recreate a Vhost and revirtualize the instance, you can do so now – make sure to uncheck the New Virtualization checkbox.

  12. You can then test failover of Vhosts to NewName.