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Version: v22.0

Understanding Volume Mounts


Kubernetes, Docker, and other container orchestration software utilize volume mounts to save stateful data between re-deployments. DH2i saves its configuration information in the /etc/dh2i folder, so this folder must be saved in a volume mount.


DH2i software is stateful because it needs to store its configuration information, and this information is required so the container can rejoin a cluster or gateway group after it restarts. The /etc/dh2i folder is where DH2i stores configuration info for DxOdyssey and DxEnterprise. Whether running in Kubernetes, Docker, or some other container platform, this folder should always be mounted into a volume. More information about how these platforms handle stateful data is included in the additional information section below.


For Kubernetes, note that volumes and persistent volumes are treated differently. Persistent volumes are required for DxEnterprise or DxOdyssey data to persist between pod re-deployments.

Additional Information