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Version: v22.0

Considerations for changing CPU cores or RAM with DxEnterprise


Some consideration when changing CPU core count or memory with DxEnterprise.


When changing the number of cores or memory allocation to a physical or virtual node, you can ensure that allocation policies and license count is reflected properly by re-activating each node.

  • For DxEnterprise 15.5 and older, navigate to the Tools menu, select Cluster License Manager, then select Activate for any node with changes in effect.
  • For DxEnterprise 16.0 and newer, navigate to Advanced Configuration > Cluster Membership, select Manage License and Activate each node with changes in effect.

If you hot-add CPU cores or memory and would like to ensure changes are reflected by DxEnterprise, you can follow the procedure below:

  • Freeze the node you wish to update
  • Restart the DxLMonitor service
  • Unfreeze the node
  • Re-activate the node as per above

You can check your currently-used core count via your license page on the DH2i Client Portal.