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Version: v22.0

Add a Source Filter


DxOdyssey allows for the creation of source filters to selectively accept or deny incoming connections from other IP addresses within the network. The steps below outline how to add a source filter.


To create a source filter and apply it to a tunnel:

  1. Select Source Filter Manager from the list at the top left corner of the DxOdyssey UI, then select Add Source Filter at the bottom left.

    Add source filter

  2. Choose a name for the source filter.

  3. Near the bottom of the window, select the default action for the source filter (ACCEPT ALL or DENY ALL incoming connections).

  4. At the bottom of window, select New Row.

  5. Enter the address for which an exception needs to be created.

  6. Select whether to deny or accept the incoming connection.

  7. If more exceptions need to be made, add another new row. Otherwise, select Submit to save the source filter and close the window.

  8. Select Tunnel Manager from the list at the top left of the screen, then select the desired tunnel to add the source filter to.

  9. Select Edit at the bottom of the screen, find the correct origin, then select the SourceFilter column and use the drop-down list to add the filter.

  10. Select Save at the bottom of the window to apply the changes to the tunnel.