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Configure MSSQL FILESTREAM with DxEnterprise

Applies to:

  • DxEnterprise v20.0.232 and previous


A new registry value (InstanceGuid) has recently been introduced in Microsoft SQL Server to support the Filestream feature. This value must be unique and preserved on each local machine, even after a failover.


Follow these steps to enable and configure Filestream before adding the instance to a DxEnterprise Vhost.

  1. Enable and configure FILESTREAM

  2. Ensure that DxEnterprise is configured to preserve the new Filestream's InstanceGuid registry key by executing the dxcli set-globalsetting command as administrator. DxCLI.exe can be found under the %ProgramFiles%\DH2i\bin folder:

    dxcli set-globalsetting instance.regexcept "+V:MSSQLServer\Filestream\InstanceGuid"
  3. Create a database and put the Filestream data on a shared disk that is assigned to the Vhost diskgroup.

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