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Version: v22.0

Disabling Automount


By default, the Automount option is enabled on all currently supported versions of Windows. This causes file systems to be automatically mounted and assigned a drive letter when volumes are presented to the operating system.


With DxEnterprise you will want to disable the Automount feature. This gives you full control of the mount assignments on all of your volumes and eliminates drive letter slippage and collisions.

To disable Automount do the following on each node in the cluster:

  1. Open a command prompt

  2. Run

  3. Enter

    automount disable

    Disabling automount using diskpart


With Automount disabled Microsoft Windows will not bring volumes online until a mount point is assigned. So the volume will need to be mounted before you can perform operations such as formatting the volume or setting a volume label.

To mount the volume:

dxcli set-mountpoint <volume_id> <mountpoint>