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Version: v22.0

Virtual File Share Permissions


Virtual file shares, options and permissions explained for DxEnterprise.


The only permissions set when creating a virtual file share with DxEnterprise are share-level permissions.

For more granular control of access to the files on the file share you will need to implement Microsoft ACL's on the volume itself. These reside on the volume and will follow the volume on rehost or failover. You will want to avoid local user ACL's as their SID will be different between nodes. The best option is to use well-known group SIDs (Administrators, for example) or domain credentials.


Microsoft ACL's are not set, managed or maintained by DxEnterprise. They will need to be maintained at the volume or file system level by your System Administrator using the methods recommended by Microsoft.


  1. Verify that the Vhost is up and active in DxAdmin.

  2. Verify that the Vhost IP is bound to the correct NIC adapter using ipconfig /all from a command prompt.

  3. Verify that the share is active on the node where the Vhost currently resides using net share from a command prompt.

  4. If a client can connect to \\<vhost_ip>\<share_name> but not to \\<vhost_name>\<share_name>, then verify your DNS is configured properly.

  5. If you still have connectivity problems after verifying the above information, then please search Microsoft resources to find additional information on your specific problem.