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DxConfiguration Manager Admin Guide

DxConfiguration Manager Overview

DxConfiguration Manager is DH2i’s client software that is used to configure first time installs on Windows servers running DxEnterprise or DxOdyssey. After the configuration is completed, administrators can use DxEnterprise’s management UI, DxAdmin, or DxOdyssey’s management UI, DxOdyssey Client, for cluster or gateway group management.

DxConfiguration Manager main menu

Server Status

Shows current state of the server, with the option to stop or start DxEnterprise or DxOdyssey services.

Set Interface

This dialog allows the user to select interface(s) for DxEnterprise or DxOdyssey to use, ordered by priority from top to bottom.

Set Interfaces dialog window

Activate License

This dialog lets the user activate the server via the internet or offline.

License Management dialog window

Online Activation

Leave the radio button on the default setting (Automatic over the internet). Enter the license code and check the Accept End User License Agreement (EULA) box, then select Activate.

Offline Activation

Select this option if the server does not have internet access. The license request is generated for the given license code and must be activated through DH2i Clients portal or from a workstation with internet access. The DH2i activation website is at Copy and paste the result from Clients Activation portal in the License box, check the EULA box, and select Activate.

Manual activation dialog

Set Passkey

A pass key is required to log in to the cluster or gateway group for administration. The passkey is case-sensitive and can be any combination of alpha-numeric characters, punctuation, or symbols. If the user has not configured a pass key or has forgotten the pass key, the user will be unable to log in remotely or log in using unprivileged accounts.

Passkey Management dialog

Join Membership

The Join Membership option allows administrative re-assignment of the local server to another existing DxEnterprise cluster or DxOdyssey gateway group.

Membership Management dialog

NAT Match Agent Checkbox

If the NatMatchAgent checkbox is selected, the default value of the target member set as This allows server to join the cluster or gateway group from remote locations using the DH2i Matchmaking Service.

Target Member

Enter the hostname or IP address of a server from an existing DxEnterprise cluster or DxOdyssey gateway group.

Pass Key

Enter the passkey or OTPK previously set for the existing cluster or gateway group.

Manage OTPK

Set a One-Time PassKey (OTPK) for the cluster or gateway group that can be used by other servers to join using DH2i Matchmaking Service.

OTPK Management dialog


Opens a new dialog allows setting a time and date for expiration of the OTPK. The default is one hour.

Create a new OTPK


Invalidates and removes any OTPK that is set for the cluster.


Copies the OTPK to the clipboard.