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Version: v23.0

Azure Marketplace Image for Linux Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide describes how to configure DH2i’s bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and pay-as-you-go DxEnterprise Linux images available on Azure. Using this guide, the user will configure DxEnterprise on two servers (nodes) and join the second node into a cluster.


  • An Azure Virtual Machine (VM) with DxEnterprise pre-installed. To create a DxEnterprise VM using a Marketplace Image, visit the Azure Marketplace and search for “DxEnterprise.”

  • A second DxEnterprise VM for joining two nodes into a cluster.

Configure DxEnterprise on the First Node

  1. Use an SSH client to connect to the first server.

  2. Run the script to start DxEnterprise services.

    bash /opt/dh2i/bin/
  3. BYOL images only: Activate the server using the command dxcli activate-server.


    dxcli activate-server AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD --accept-eula
  4. Prepare the node so other members can join the cluster.


    Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) users should verify that their license supports NAT and tunneling features before setting a One-Time PassKey. To confirm license features, run dxcli get-producttype and verify that NAT and TUN are listed.

    Pay-as-you-go licenses on Azure and AWS already have NAT and tunneling enabled.

    1. Use the command dxcli set-otpk to set a One-Time PassKey for the cluster. The passkey expires one hour after creation by default.


      dxcli set-otpk
    2. Optional: Set the cluster passkey using the command dxcli cluster-set-secret.


      Setting a cluster passkey is not required when doing NAT joins. However, a cluster passkey is still required for remote cluster management.


      dxcli cluster-set-secret

      The non-interactive version of this command is dxcli cluster-set-secret-ex.

Setup Second Node and Join to Cluster

  1. Use an SSH client to connect to the second server.

  2. Complete step two (and step three for BYOL images) of the previous section for the second node.

  3. Join the second node to the cluster using dxcli join-cluster and follow the prompts.

    Select Y when prompted to join via NAT proxy. Enter the OTPK to join the cluster.


    dxcli join-cluster

    The non-interactive version of this command is dxcli join-cluster-ex.

Next Steps

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