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Version: v23.0

DxPlus Linux Installation Quick Start Guide


DH2i DxPlus offers you the ability to boost your application's throughput. Simply install the lightweight Agent on each of the application servers, activate and join the Agents together. Once configured, the Agent can then tunnel your application data and boost performance.

This quick start guide describes how to install DxPlus on a Linux server. Using this guide, the user will install DxPlus software.


  • Two physical or virtual machines running any mix of:

    • RHEL 7 or 8

    • CentOS 7

    • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, or 20.04

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15

  • An availability group

  • A valid DxPlus license.

  • Ensure the server hostname is set and unique.

  • Set host resolution for all servers (agents) that will be participating in the group by adding their entries to DNS or the hosts file located at /etc/hosts.


This section covers perparing the server and installing DxPlus.

Update Server and Install Dependencies

  1. Update the server. If prompted to confirm, enter Y.

    sudo yum update
  2. Install Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime using installation instructions from Microsoft:

Install DxPlus

Install the DxPlus package.

  1. Install the repository configuration file.


    Replace the <distro> parameter in the example below with rhel7, centos7, rhel8 or rhel9 to install the correct package for your OS.

    sudo yum install<distro>/retail/repo.rpm
  2. Install the product.

    sudo yum install dxplus

Activate the DxPlus Agent

Before the DxPlus agent can boost your application throughput, it must be authorized by DH2i. To activate the license, run the dxcli activate-server command.


sudo dxcli activate-server <key> [server]


sudo dxcli activate-server AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD server1

Configure the First Member

Set the Passkey

To allow remote connection to the local agent to either join a new agent into the group or simply managing the agent group, a passkey is required. Run the dxcli cluster-set-secret command to set the passkey.


sudo dxcli cluster-set-secret

Set a One-Time Passkey

If DxPlus agent group involves members joining over a WAN or a disjointed network, and this is the first agent, a one-time passkey can be set to allow other agents to remotely join into the agent group. To set a one-time passkey, run the dxcli set-otpk command.


sudo dxcli set-otpk

Configure Additional Members

  1. Complete all steps in the Installation section for the additional servers.

  2. Activate the server using the command dxcli activate-server.


sudo dxcli activate-server AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD
  1. Join the server to the group using the dxcli join-cluster command and follow the prompts.

    If an OTPK was not set for the group, select N when prompted to join via NAT proxy. Enter the IP address and group passkey of the first server to join the group.

    If an OTPK was set for the group, select Y when prompted to join via NAT proxy. Use the default NAT proxy of and enter the OTPK to join the group.


sudo dxcli join-cluster

Additional Information