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Version: v23.0

DxPlus Windows Installation Quick Start Guide


DH2i DxPlus offers you the ability to boost your application's throughput. Simply install the lightweight Agent on each of the application servers, activate and join the Agents together. Once configured, the Agent can then tunnel your application data and boost performance.

This quick start guide describes how to install DxPlus on a Windows server. Using this guide, the user will install DxPlus dependencies and software, then join a second server into the group.


  • Two physical or virtual machine running a supported Windows operating system.

  • An availability group

  • A valid DxPlus license. A fully featured Developer Edition is available free for non-production use. To purchase DxPlus software for production workloads, visit the DH2i Store.

  • Ensure the server hostname is set and unique.

  • Set host resolution for all servers that will be participating in the group by adding their entries to the hosts file located at %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.


This section covers preparing the server and installing DxPlus.

Update Server and Install Dependencies

  1. Ensure the VM is up-to-date using Windows Update or sconfig.

  2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 if it is not already installed.

  3. Set host resolution for all servers (agents) that will be participating in the group by adding their entries to DNS or the hosts file located at %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Install DxPlus

Contact DH2i to acquire a valid DxPlus package for your environment.

  1. Copy the DxPlus .msi to the server.

  2. Double-click the DxPlus setup program.

  3. A welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next to continue with the installation.

    Welcome screen

  4. Select I accept... to accept the software license agreement and click Next to continue.

    DxPlus EULA

  5. OPTIONAL: In the Destination Folder window, select an installation folder for DxPlus.

    Change the installation folder

  6. Select Next.

  7. In the Ready to Install window, select Install.

  8. Select Finish to complete the installation.

    Finish the DxPlus installation

Configure DxPlus Using DxConfiguration Manager

DxConfiguration Manager is a client tool used to configure first-time DxPlus installations on Windows. After the configuration is completed, administrators can use DxPlus’s Admin Console for group management.

For additional information about DxConfiguration Manager, please see the DxConfiguration Manager Admin Guide.

DxConfiguration Manager main window

Select the Launch Web Admin Console option to bring up the web based GUI for DxPlus.

Additional Information