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Configure Oracle HA with DxEnterprise on Windows


The following procedure describes the steps taken to successfully configure Oracle HA with DxEnterprise on Windows.


  1. Install DxEnterprise on your servers (e.g. server1 and server2).

  2. Activate and join the servers into a cluster.

  3. Add a Vhost and make server1 active.

  4. Manage and add a disk to the Vhost.

  5. Install Oracle software on server1 to a local disk. No need to add or configure a database instance.

  6. Launch Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to configure a database instance. Ensure the control file(s) and database files are on a shared disk.

  7. Locate the newly created SPFILE<sid>.ora and execute the following command with SQLPlus to generate an initialization file (PFILE<sid>.ora).

    create pfile = ‘pfile.ora’ from spfile = ‘spfile<sid>.ora’
  8. Failover the Vhost over to server2.

  9. Install Oracle software on server2 to a local disk. Make sure that it is installed to the same path, is the same Oracle version and the same SID as Server1. No need to add or configure a database instance.

  10. Copy the following files from the active node to the standby node:

    • Initialization parameter file: init.ora.<sid>

    • Listener file: listener.ora

    • Service configuration file: tnsnames.ora

    • Password information file: pwd*.ora

    • Server parameter file: spfile*.ora

  11. Add Oracle services to the Vhost (Oracle service and the Listener service).

  12. Failover and verify instance data.