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Using Device Mapper Multipath with DxEnterprise on Linux

Applies to:

  • DxEnterprise for Linux v20.0.232.0 or later


Steps to install DM-Multipath on Linux.


This article describes how to install Device Mapper Multipath on Linux to allow DxEnterprise to manage disks being presented down multiple paths. Having multiple paths defined for a disk adds redundancy and path failover in the case of a path, switch or adaptor failure. The below steps assume that the storage devices and paths have already been successfully presented to the systems.

  1. Install the multipath package for your operating system:

    sudo yum install device-mapper-multipath
  2. Create the /etc/multipath.conf file:

    sudo /sbin/mpathconf --enable
  3. Start the multipathd service:

    sudo systemctl start multipathd
  4. Run the multipath command to build the device list:

    sudo multipath

Next Steps

If DxEnterprise is not yet installed, then install DxEnterprise at this time. For more information, see the DxEnterprise Linux Installation Guide.