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Support Policy for Windows Services on DxEnterprise


DH2i support policy for Microsoft Windows services on DxEnterprise.


DxEnterprise supports service health monitoring and start/stop orchestration for any Windows services. The following are the supported features for Windows services:

  • Ensure the service is set to manual-start

  • Ensure the service is stopped on all nodes, except the active node

  • Ensure the service is running on the active node

  • If the HealthMonitor notices the service is not in the active (or running) state on the active node for the Vhost, a failover will be initiated automatically to allow the service to become active on another node in the cluster

Additional (optional) features are:

  • Allows the service to be run under the physical node name or the Vhost name

  • Allows monitoring and replication of a single registry hive to persist registry changes associated with the service to all nodes under the Vhost

  • Allows advanced scripting (Pre-start, Post-start, Pre-stop and Post-stop) to facilitate additional functionality

  • Allows performance monitoring for the service

DxEnterprise manages and orchestrates any Windows services unconditionally therein it follows the guidelines above. DxEnterprise is completely agnostic to the Windows services’ configuration and/or user data.


For additional information please see the Services section of the DxEnterprise Administration Guide.