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Upgrading DxEnterprise


DxEnterprise software is fully backward compatible and can be updated during normal production without impacting SQL instances or workloads.


If you are running availability groups using tunnels, the tunnel communication between availability group replicas will be impacted until the upgrade completes and the availability group resyncs.

It is also advisable to have access to the node outside of any DH2i tunnels via RDP or SSH since access to tunnels will be impacted during the upgrade.


To update DxEnterprise software, please follow the procedure below for your operating system:

  1. Download the latest DxEnterprise software (Client Downloads).

  2. Freeze all nodes to disable InstanceMobility (i.e. right-click on each cluster node and select Freeze cluster node) - this instructs the cluster not to failover.

  3. Uninstall current DxEnterprise software.

  4. Install the latest DxEnterprise software.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all nodes in the cluster.

  6. Unfreeze all the nodes to re-enable InstanceMobility.